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Rooms & Suites

Kasbah Angour is a boutique hotel with 27 rooms & suites.

There are four categories beautifully designed with traditional Moroccan materials.

A comfortable stay is further assured by under-floor heating, air conditioning & no smoking inside.

Adrar Superior Rooms
Adrar Superior Rooms have views across the gardens to the mountains. “Adrar” is Berber for “mountain”…read more
Tower Junior Suites
Tower Junior Suites are located in the three towers at Kasbah Angour and have spacious sitting areas…read more
Angour Deluxe Suite
Angour Deluxe Suite has a bedroom & a separate salon. There are superb views from a large terrace…read more
Assif Standard Rooms
Assif Standard rooms have views across the ”Sidi Fares” river valley. “Assif” is Berber for “river”…read more