Full Day Walks


These full day walks start either from the Kasbah itself or use car transport to reach a very special area higher up in the mountains.

Full Day Walks Starting from Kasbah Angour

Khelout, Medium (5 -7 hours, +/- 600m)
Mount Khelout lies to the south-west of the Kasbah. We cut across the valley and follow a path to the first plateau (1,200m), then follow a steep path that takes us to the summit of Khelout (1,545m). After admiring the views of Mount Toubkal, Asni and the Imlil valley, proceed along the ridge and descend by a path that takes us further south and down to a col. There is then a choice of routes for the return leg.

Issoumar, Medium (5 – 6 hours, +/- 550m)
Issoumar is a viewing point in the first tier of moutains to the south-east of Kasbah Angour. We walk to Agadir village and pass through olive groves in the direction of Ijekene village. We turn right and head south up a limestone ridge and admire the views back to Agadir and towards Ijekene. On reaching a goat farm, we follow a steep path to reach Issoumar. We return by taking a delightlful path down to Outghal village.

Full Day Walk Further Away

Mount Oukaimeden, Medium/Energetic (5 hours, +/- 660m)
Mount Oukaimeden (3,262m) is one of the mountain peaks to the south of Kasbah Angour. A car is used to travel between Kasbah Angour (1,000 m) and the Oukaimeden ski village (2,600m). This is a very enjoyable journey in itself as we see part of the Ourika valley and Berber mountain villages as the road climbs up to Oukaimeden. Walking starts at the village from where we climb at high altitude to reach the summit of the mountain and our reward of spectacular 360° views. l